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List of whitepapers relevant for the Fintech domain provided by INFINITECH partners.


List of training courses relevant for the Fintech domain. The some of courses presented are provided by INFINITECH partners, while other are courses of reference in the domain.

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Fintech program

digital finance, fintech, blockchain

Reinforcement Learning in Finance

reinforcement learning, finance

Practical Machine Learning: Real World Projects In Finance

data science, machine learning, finance

PhD Winter School


MsC in IoT & Data Science

IoT, data science, big data

MSc in Fintech and Finance Innovation

digital finance, fintech, blockchain, cybersecurity, AI

MSc in Financial Technology (FinTech)

digital finance, fintech, blockchain, cybersecurity, AI

MsC in Digital Transformation

data mining, digital transformation

MSc in Digital Currency

blockchain, digital currencies

Mastering FinTech and Machine Learning!

machine learning, fintech

Introduction to Hyperledger Blockchain Technologies

blockchain, distributed ledgers, Hyperledger technologies

Introduction to FinTech

finance, digital transformation

Introduction to Blockchain for Financial Services

blockchain, supply chain, finance