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Synthetic Data of Transactions for Loan Fraud

The data set includes tagged synthetic data of...
Category: Dataset

AI based detection of fraudulent immediate loan requests

The asset demonstrates the capabilities of an AI...
Category: Fraud-Detection

AI profiler service

The service uses a KMeans clustering method to...
Category: Software

Smart Fleets platform

Repository hosting the Smart Fleets platform images and...
Category: Software

Fraud Detection System

Robust fraud detection system that aims at improving...
Category: Fraud-Detection

AEMET Weather Dataset

Dataset composed by AEMET’s weather data.
Category: Dataset

CTAG Alerts Dataset

Traffic alerts data extracted from CTAG stations during...
Category: Dataset

SUMO Vigo vehicles sample

Dataset compiling a comprehensive set of Vigo vehicle...
Category: Dataset

Graph-based Anomaly Data Platform

Webtool including a demo to test a variety...
Category: Anti-Money Laundering

Graph-based Anomaly Exploration Platform

Graph-based Anomaly Exploration Platform as Jupyter Server engine...
Category: Anti-Money Laundering, Notebook

Stream Story

StreamStory is a tool intended to help with...
Category: Visualisation

Personal Insurance from Data Analytics (P.I.D.A)

A system to aid customise personalised insurance plans...
Category: Applications