Open Banking, PSD2 and GDPR. FinTech

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IF you are working in Financial services Domain, you will be able to understand what is Application Programming Interface, Open banking and PSD2, how it will change the face of not only financial services but of every industry.

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Why do I say that every company has to be a FinTech company? This course will also cover about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). A business overview.


Overview of API and Open Banking, What is an API and Types, Example of API, Need of API and open banking, API Banking example, Open Banking, PSD2, Strong factor of Authentication 2 FA, AISP, PISP, PIISP, ASPSP, XS2A Access to Account, GDPR, Principles, Rights and Penalty, Stakeholders and Benefits, Opportunities and Challenges.Payment Processing

FinTech Digital Banking, Digital Finance, Financial Technology.

Open and API Banking is the future across the world in some form or the other, learn and implement it now. NBFC Account Aggregator and Personal Data Protection Bill 2019 also has a similar philosophy.

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