MSc in Computer Science, Concentration in Blockchain Technologies


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The Master degree in Computer Science advances the students’ knowledge in core areas of computer science beyond the undergraduate level and exposes them to current and emerging trends.

The program provides an introduction to research within the field while strengthening the candidate’s effective application of computer science methods. The proposed Master degree in Computer Science is designed to have the learning outcomes related to: knowledge and understanding, application of knowledge and understanding for the analysis, design and development of computer systems. The curriculum prepares the student for a wide variety of computer-oriented careers, such as research, development, management, and teaching. The degree constitutes an independent and terminal study in addition to providing the basis for acceptance to, and continued studies towards, a doctoral degree in computer science.

The program aims of the specialization in Blockchain Technologies focus on the fundamentals of digital currencies and the underlying blockchain technology. It also focuses on programmable smart contracts and the associated architectures such as Ethereum. It aims to prepare students on the possible impact of these technologies on various applications including those based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Internet of Things.

Career Prospects

Graduates of the MSc programme should be able to:

- hold managerial positions in the ICT industry or government offices;
- become senior technical developers or administrators in the ICT marketplace;
- become entrepreneurs and establish their own enterprises;
- continue studying towards a doctoral degree.

The specialization in Blockchain Technologies, will enable graduates to:

- work as senior Blockchain engineers developing new decentralized solutions
- work as Blockchain Architects designing new blockchain systems
- hold positions like Blockchain Advisors or Consultants



Course Details

Provided by

University of Nicosia




3 semesters / 1 year