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This course describes what is all about finance transformation and what are the various strategies to be followed to make it a highly successful journey. This discusses common problems we usually face in Finance transformation and how to deal with them.

What are the assumptions and common mistakes we do which are failing digital finance transformation and making them costly to Organisations and how to mitigate or avoid them to have cost-efficient technologies implemented?

Finance transformation is not only about implementing tools and technologies. Just a simple process change could also contribute to adding value and become a transformation in itself.

It contains the details about what is Digital transformation and what is Non-digital transformation and how the second one makes the first one successful.

It specifies how important it is to have a learning and development program for finance teams and how to initiate and motivate teams to do so.

The future of Finance is going to be completely different with the technology disruption and it is important we stay updated so we know how to prepare for it and make our teams ready to be part of Analytical future of finance.

If you would like to know about Finance transformation and upskill yourself in this area to take on projects and migrate to this profile, then this is the right course for you.

If you are already part of Finance transformation team and looking to expand your knowledge, then this is the right course for you.

If you are Director, Manager and Team lead and looking to upskill your teams to prepare your team to be part of future and add value to your business, then you are in right place.

I am confident, Finance transformation could be a highly happy and successful journey when the strategies mentioned in this course are applied.

We as Finance teams need to upskill and help our organisations to harness the power of data and drive business towards right decisions.

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