Triple-A project is seeking to identify which investments can be considered as Triple-A investments, fostering sustainable growth, while also having an extremely strong capacity to meet their commitments, already from the first stages of investments generation and preselection/ pre-evaluation. In order to achieve its purpose Triple-A Tools are developed facilitating the whole process.


The Triple-A Standardized Tools are capable of benchmarking energy efficiency project fiches, including a pre-screening of investment ideas at EU level followed by an Electre-Tri MultiCriteria Analysis (MCDA). The MCDA is designed to take advantage of various existing or new key performance indicators (KPIs), including, among others, risk indicators, financial indicators (Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return, Payback Period, Profitability Index, Debt-Service Coverage Ratio), as well as specific indicators according to beneficiaries’ preferences, in order to identify the potential “Triple-A investments”. The tools have been developed in Python language and deployed into a webpage using the Django framework.