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This software integrates the described services of many OAS files into a single i3-MARKET Backplane API.


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The Service Integration Manager is one of the key components of the i3-MARKET Backplane. It ensures the easy integration of any subsystem service to the i3-MARKET Backplane, using OpenAPI Specification as bridge.

The Manager is written in Dart , and is the one responsible for external services integration to the Backplane API, so it is capable of acting as a gateway for this new service. the service integration manager works proceeding with the following steps:

  1. Generate resources: Given a new Service OpenAPI specification, it runs the Loopback CLI OpenAPI generator command , that generates the specified Controllers and DataSources that later will be integrated into the final Backplane API Docker Image.
  2. Integrate + Build: As the Loopback CLI just provides a set of skeletons, some modifications need to be performed to the previously generated sources, customizing them for our use case. Then, it can be integrated to the Backplane API base code, building the final Backplane Docker image, ready to be used for deployment.