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One of The main contribution of the Data Models / Ontologies is to enable the mapping of the data assets, provided from i3-Market stakeholders, to the model/”ontology” concepts to capture the structural and semantic characteristics metadata of the various entities in each data asset = Data Offering. More specifically, the core uses of this model are for: 1) data Registration on mapping which corresponds to the data harmonization process. In this way, each provided data asset will be registered in our Registry with concepts from the i3-Market data offering model in a semi-automatic way; 2) metadata linking where any provided data asset metadata will be linked with other relevant sources (or data assets) that exist in Backplane; 3) data Discovery which involves the development of algorithms and software for supporting the selection of the most appropriate metadata data assets that best match user preferences. The i3-Market Models will be used for capturing the structural and semantic characteristics of the various entities involved in the i3-Market backplane domain, whereas the underlying conceptual models facilitate the use of lightweight reasoning during the discovery and operational process e.g. for contracts and service/agreements operations.

Model Coding: The representation of the ontology capture was transformed into a formal (ontology) language (e.g. OWL) using Protégé. I. Top-level Ontology: Create a top-level ontology that describes the main high level concepts and links for the i3-Market backplane domain II. Integrating Existing sub topic Ontologies: Use existing related domains ontologies and incorporate them under the top-level ontology. III. Expanding the Domain-level use-cases pilots categories/annotations: Expand (Build-on-top) the domain-level conceptSkeme categorization taxonomies and include the new concepts, data fields and relationships between the concepts that were extracted from the demonstrators’ domains.

MAIN MODELS BLOCKS AGENTS in Marketplaces and Data Spaces

Data Markets Data Offering
Data assets description
Extensions for Domain Categorization
Data Service Descriptions Extra Service Details
for data access info
and for SLA contract info Pricing/Cost Model SLA / SLO / SLS info