Crowdpolicy provides civictech and fintech enterprise information systems and open innovation services in sectors of economy & society since 2012 in Greece and Cyprus. Over the years, Crowdpolicy has implemented various open innovation initiatives like innovation labs, crowdhackathons and accelerator programs in the fields of smartcities, fintech and insurtech, energy, agrifood etc.. with over 400 teams and 5000 participants, creating a large startup community. Crowdpolicy supports a significant Proof of Concept (POC) portfolio of teams, startups and innovative MVPs – ready to use apps which address emerging business needs for the private and public sector and support startups to grow and deliver solutions to market with design thinking oriented end-to-end funnels. Crowdpolicy designs, develops, implements, and produces crowdsourcing methodologies for commercialization, information systems and tools globally, with the aim of enhancing two-way collaboration between organizations and the crowd and creating value for their clients and shareholders.

Services Provided