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An ultra-scalable SQL Database and real-time big data platform that revolutionize the business database management systems by introducing the next generation business database that can scale in any of the three Vs of Big Data (Volume, Velocity and Variety). In more technical details, it provides an ultra-scalable transactional management system that can scale out to 100s of nodes, which is typically a bottleneck in traditional database systems that provide transactional semantics, while on the same time, is full SQL compatible and ensures all ACID transactional properties. It additionally exposes an interface for direct access of its key-value storage engine, thus providing a dual access without downgrade transactional semantics. It offers OLTP and OLAP integration, thus providing support for HTAP that allows for analytical queries over operational data, which realizes the concept of real time business intelligence. Finally, it enables for the execution of polyglot query processing across different and heterogeneous data sources. Modules of the database will be used for implemented all building blocks of INFINITECH that are related to data management.




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