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Incremental Analytics

This component enables the query execution in an incremental fashion. The data user will be able to submit […]
Category: Other


The purpose of this component is to be able to select specific rows from a datatable according to […]
Category: Other

Smart Contract Executor

Executes smart contracts on the blockchain ledger.
Category: Other

Blockchain Writer

Submits transactions on the blockchain ledger.
Category: Other

Blockchain Reader

Fetches requested data from blockchain ledger.
Category: Other

Blockchain Encryptor

Encrypts the clients’ sensitive data within the smart contract using AES256.
Category: Other

Blockchain Decryptor

Decrypts data retrieved from the blockchain ledger.
Category: Other

Blockchain Data Visualizer

Queries and displays information about blocks, transactions, chaincodes and transaction families, network name, status and nodes list, organizations […]
Category: Other

Blockchain Authenticator

Grants access to specific channel(s) of the blockchain network.
Category: Other

Visualization Preparation

Stream BDA Service: Service to prepare data to the visualization. It will be able to choose between different […]
Category: Other

Real Time Visualization

Useful tool for displaying charts through web application
Category: Other

Random Forest (Predict)

Streaming random forests algorithm
Category: Other