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DeepVaR: Value-at-Risk prediction leveraging Deep Learning

This component both explains and implements the DeepVaR, which is a Value-at-Risk model based on deep neural networks […]


The ‘IoT Catalogue’ is a web-based catalogue from where to pick & choose IoT solutions; it is an […]

Catalogue of Objects

During the 5GTANGO and MATILDA EU Projects, both aiming to enable the flexible programmability of 5G networks and […]

Botakis Chatbot Development Network

A tool for rapid development of chatbots applications, which will be used for the development of chatbots features […]

Analytics Library

Participating in ATMOSPHERE (Adaptive, Trustworthy, Manageable, Orchestrated, Secure Privacy-assuring Hybrid, Ecosystem for REsilient Cloud Computing) EU project, the […]

Wenalyze Big data analytics platform

Platform that collect and process information from multiple open data sources regarding SMEs and apply congnitive algorithm to […]

Machine learning algorithms for health related data

SILO has implemented such approaches in different health-related projects such as CrowdHEALT

The Global Engine with Neural Network Intelligence (GENNI)

AI Engine executing DL (deep neural networks) algorithms over semantically annotated streams. It will be used in the […]

Natural Language Processing for real-time, high-accuracy Credit Risk assessment

ReportBrain’s NLP functionalities: -Provide real-time structured feeds on risk-assessment worthy information sourced from the news -Interlink entities, updates […]

SSC – Super Stream Collider, a multiformat Data Management and Query System

The SSC enables distributed cloud- based high-performance processing of semantically linked streams i.e. it is an enabler for […]

HTAP Database for the financial and insurance sector

An ultra-scalable SQL Database and real-time big data platform that revolutionize the business database management systems by introducing […]

Polyglot Database Management System

The LXS DBMS is a polystore database that provides access to different and heterogeneous datastores via a common […]